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Gianfranco B. Sangalli - LICTOR LINGUARUM, offers a professional translation service to mainly support those, who operate in the legal and commercial fields, providing a correct interpretation of the lexical semantics concerning different legal cultures involved in a juristic act or in their written communications. In this way, contributes to safeguarding legal certainty and the effectiveness of relations among peoples and companies of different languages and/or cultures.

As a specialized professional translator, interprets terms and expressions contained in a document according to the semantic relevance of each cultural context, seeking the exact equivalence or, if it does not exist, highlighting the differences. None of this can be done reliably by any of the free or paid machine translation tools on the market.

In short, legal profession qualifications and experience in the business sector bestows Gianfranco B. Sangalli - LICTOR LINGUARUM providing his clients with value-added translation services: greater terminological certainty regarding the content and scope of the rights and obligations generated by their lawful transactions.

Professional Profile

Gianfranco B. Sangalli is a freelance professional translator, who graduated from the Scuola Superiore di Interpreti e Traduttori (S.S.I.T.) of Pescara, Italy, a professional training institution integrated into the Federation of European Schools (FEDE), an advisory body of the Council of Europe; and is a member of the Associazione Traduttori e Interpreti of Italy (A.T.I.) with card no. 492.

With his company LICTOR LINGUARUM, he offers services as a translator in relation to both general-informative and specialized texts (a text can be defined as specialized if its translation requires knowledge in a field that is normally outside the general competence of a translator).

Experience in legal consultancy, university teaching and promotion/management of private real estate and healthcare investments, the main sectors of his work activity over the last 30 years, constitutes the cultural and professional background that cements the rigor of his activity as a legal, commercial, informative, technical and tourism translator. Such experience gives him mastery of the terminology that ensures the precision of communications between specialists of a given sector..

By virtue of the comparative and competitive advantages that his long personal career has given him, Gianfranco B. Sangalli - LICTOR LINGUARUM is in a position to offer his clients a professionally reliable translation service.


Gianfranco B. Sangalli - LICTOR LINGUARUM offers its services as a translator in the following language combinations:

English ↔ Spanish

Italian ↔ Spanish

French → Spanish

English → Italian

Translation Fields

  • Legal area: all types of private civil and commercial contracts, patents, powers of attorney, civil status certificates, European decisions and directives, European contracts, national legal regulations, etc.
  • Commercial area: business correspondence, internal directives, marketing documentation, press releases, training materials, reports -monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual-, etc.
  • Generalist-informative area: newspaper articles, scientific articles, books, etc.
  • Touristic area: tourist guides, hotel advertising, travel agencies'offers, etc. 

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Testimonials and Reviews

Rafael López-Diéguez Gamoneda

Presidente RLD Grupo

Para un despacho de abogados es fundamental cumplir con rigor los plazos de entrega y que la traducción sea técnicamente muy buena, pues bien, Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum, cumple con creces ambos requisitos

Angel Adell de Bernardo

Director, Euradia International SL

Los servicios de traducción aportados a nuestra empresa por Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum, con absoluto profesionalismo, han demostrado ser un elemento esencial para asegurar la precisión y fluidez en la relación/comunicación con nuestros propios clientes a nivel internacional. Por esto, es nuestra intención seguir contando con sus servicios.

Alejandro Desmaison De Rávago

Gerente General, Corporación Minera del Santa S.A.C.

Quedamos muy satisfechos con la calidad de las traducciones, y el profesionalismo del Dr. Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum.

Federico Fernández de Buján

Catedrático de Derecho Romano, UNED

Me dice Vd.: ‘Gracias por su paciencia’... Vd sí merece mi gratitud, por su profesionalidad en atender una solicitud con demasiada premura y por realizarla con todo el tiempo que le exige su ‘amor a la obra bien hecha’ (Eugenio D’Ors).

Giovanni Nicolacci

Account Representative, Defense Trading Corporation

Our translation sub-contractor Mr. Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum. has helped DTC tremendously to adequate our products and services in Italian, Spanish, French, and English into our website. We have been fully served by his methodic and extraordinary language skills, his support and background helped us to accommodate our correct reasoning and explanation of Defense Trading Corporation’s background.

Ivo Paseta

Founder, Pegasus Capital Inc

I highly recommend Gianfranco Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum’s translation services. He’s rigorous, precise, and on time with his work.

Federico Berti Arnoaldi Veli

Manager, TrustPro QTSP LTD

We have collaborated (and continue to collaborate) with Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum for some important translations of commercial contracts with numerous juridical-legal clauses, and the level of his service has exceeded our expectations; in fact, in addition to the accuracy, punctuality and professionalism, Dr. Sangalli's intrinsic characteristics, what particularly impressed us is his total commitment, which goes far beyond the excellent result of the simple translation activity.

Massimo Mariotti

Presidente, SER.I.T. s.r.l.

Tutte le traduzioni eseguite da Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum per la nostra società, hanno pienamente soddisfatto le nostre aspettative in quanto alla qualità del lavoro. La professionalità del traduttore è rassicurante. Continueremo a sollecitare i suoi servizi.

Giovanni Felice Ugo D'alfonso Del Sordo

CEO - Amministratore Delegato, Cantine D'alfonso Del Sordo S.R.L.

Il nostro giudizio su Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum è più che positivo. Ne abbiamo apprezzato soprattutto la passione e la precisione. Inoltre i tempi sono stati rispettati sempre in base alle nostre richieste.

Benedict du Cassé

Partner -

J'ai eu recours aux services de traduction de Gianfranco B. Sangalli - Lictor Linguarum. Rigueur, précision et ponctualité sont au rendez-vous. A consommer sans modération!

Service Policies & Privacy

In the provision of its services, Gianfranco B. Sangalli - LICTOR LINGUARUM safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of its clients, whether they are natural or legal persons. For this reason, its services are always provided with strict observance of the principle of confidentiality (availability for NDA signature, if required by the client).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All information provided by clients is kept under cybernetic and physical security safeguards.                                                                            

Any translation assignment commissioned to Gianfranco B. Sangalli - LICTOR LINGUARUM, once completed by the primary translator, is subjected to qualified proofreading.

The delivery terms of the translations to be carried out are governed by the mutual agreement between the parties.

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